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What is Halal?

Halal (Arabic: حَلاَلْ) is an important understanding in the Islamic religion. This is because it stands for all that is permitted, also called pure. Halal is about much more than meat: if you follow the rules of Islam, you are living halal. The main focus is being good to people, animals, the environment and society. 

By halal meat we mean meat that meets a certain number of Islamic conditions. One of these conditions is a good quality of life, ensuring that the animals have known a happy and healthy life. Furthermore, a limited number of animals are approved to eat, including cows, cattle, calves, sheep, goats and poultry. The method of slaughter also determines whether meat is halal. This is because meat is clean when it no longer contains blood. It is also important that the animals are facing Mecca during slaughter and the words Bismillah, Allahoe Akbar (in the name of God, God is the greatest) are spoken by the butcher out of reverence and gratitude. The method of preparing meat also has guidelines, in which transparency, hygiene and packaging play a major role.

We understand that as a muslim(a) you want to be assured that you are purchasing approved halal meat. That is why worldwide accredited organizations check to verify that our meats are produced according to the applicable guidelines. This means that we have obtained halal certifications that confirm the quality. This ensures that the animal has not experienced stress during the slaughter process, has not been in contact with other slaughtered animals and that the other conditions that make the meat halal have been met. Organizations that monitor Simons Halal Food and our products include Halal Quality Control and Halal Europe.


Simons Halal Food holds all applicable halal certificates, including the Islamic Authority (Jakim standard) in Malaysia.