Luncheon meat sausage

Luncheon meat sausage

Simons Halal Food produces a wide variety of halal luncheon meats. Following a unique recipe, we prepare a hearty halal sandwich product that tastes delicious on bread. We have developed a number of taste sensations, which are all characterized by the balanced mixture of spices and are, of course, completely halal. We make the luncheon meat from halal beef, chicken, turkey and lamb. In addition, there is a possibility to customize the product to your own taste. A large number of halal wholesalers and distributors offer our products under their own brand name, also called private label. But Simons also has a number of its own patented brands. For example, we offer our halal luncheon meat under the brand names Souk Orient, Kümes and Hayat.

It might still be difficult for you to choose, because our meat is available in many different flavors. For example, we produce luncheon meat from spicy or normal chicken, spicy or normal beef, turkey, lamb and also with paprika or with olives.

Our cooked luncheon meat is perfect for topping a nice hearty sandwich. It is also often used in salads. This halal meat can be eaten without further preparation, but can also be used for hot applications, such as pizza topping.

Weight and packaging
This sandwich sausage can be produced in different weight units.

boterhamworst. Sandwich.

Several varieties

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