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Sous-vide cooked products

Sous-vide cooked products

Our newest product line includes short ribs, back ribs, briskets and other tasty comfort foods. These are cooked sous-vide, which literally means without air. The product to be cooked is vacuum packed and cooked in a water bath at a constant temperature. This preserves all the flavors, and that is what you will taste! We have developed this range of convenience products for the hospitality, catering and out-of-home sectors. 

We offer these products in a number of varieties, namely short ribs, back ribs and briskets. 

Heat up these products with a delicious sauce, and you have a tasty snack! 

Sous vide.

Several varieties

Below you can see a selection of our quality halal meats.

Garlic sausage




Luncheon meat sausage

Premium vleeswaren.

Premium deli meats

Sliced meats