Wide variety

The demand for high-quality halal meat products is increasing. That is why Simons Halal Food produces a large assortment in-house. Our meat comes from happy, well cared for animals specially selected by butchers who practice their craft with passion. We prepare and package halal luncheon meats, halal frankfurters, halal garlic sausages and halal sliced meats, among others. All our products are traditionally prepared according to a unique recipe and they comply with halal food laws. Quality, food safety and hygiene are at the heart of this. 

Our products are always produced in various quantities and weights. It is also possible to customize your meat products at Simons Halal Food. In that case you determine the quantity and weight yourself. We can also adjust the recipe according to your wishes. Of course we will be happy to inform you about our possibilities.

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Private label

In addition to the production of halal meat products, we also package and label. Most of our customers offer our products under their own trademark, also called private label. As much as 95% of the halal meat products we produce are packaged with their own label. This makes Simons Halal Food the largest private label supplier in the halal meat products industry in Europe. The labels are composed by our own design department and used immediately in labeling. We can also develop a complete product line for our customers.

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We also have some of our own brands in portfolio, which are Souk Orient, Kümes, Hayat and Akil Tayib.