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Garlic sausage

Garlic sausage

One of the traditional meats produced by Simons Halal Food is the halal garlic sausage. This sausage, better known as sucuk, is the most widely eaten sausage in Turkey and its surroundings. You can use the flavorful Turkish spicy, dry sucuk in many ways. It is made from halal beef or chicken meat and prepared according to a unique recipe, then air-dried for a while. This makes the flavors come out even better!

The garlic sausage is produced in two different flavors: chicken and beef. Both have their own recipe with accompanying spices. It is also possible to create your own sucuk with us. 

The sucuk is a very versatile piece of halal meat. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner - or whenever you feel like it. Because of its high fat content, this sausage is great for frying or grilling. You can roughly say that you can use it well to replace salami, chorizo or bacon. Then, of course, the uses are endless! You often see this garlic sausage featured with a fried egg, as part of a table full of mezze or as a pizza topping. Without butter or oil, the sausage can be fried, resulting in crispy, flavorful meat!

Weight and packaging
Our sucuk is available in packages of 500 and 1000 grams.

Several varieties

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