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Premium deli meats

Premium deli meats

Even if you eat Halal, you want to be able to enjoy eating outside and have choices. That's why Simons Halal Food developed premium processed meats suitable for retail, catering, foodservice and out of home. The range includes chicken and turkey fillet, pastrami, roast beef and black angus hot dogs. So you don't have to miss out on anything and can enjoy a well-filled halal meat sandwich at work, for example! 

Our line of premium meats include a variety for everyone. We offer high-quality chicken and turkey filet, pastrami and roast beef in this range. Black angus hot dogs are also part of this line. All are, of course, fully halal and produced in compliance with Islamic food laws.

Top your bread with our halal meats and you have a delicious breakfast or filling lunch! You can eat the black angus hot dogs either cold or hot. 

Premium vleeswaren.

Several varieties

Below you can see a selection of our quality halal meats.

Garlic sausage




Luncheon meat sausage

Sliced meats

Sous-vide cooked products