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Everyone knows the classic hotdog bun! After all, sometimes there is nothing like a fresh, soft bun with a good tasting sausage, topped off with a little mayonnaise or ketchup and/or other deluxe variations. Therefore, a good halal hotdog cannot be missing from Simons Halal Food's assortment. In our modern production facility in Roermond, we prepare the halal sausage in a traditional way according to a unique recipe. The sausage is made from halal minced beef, minced chicken or minced turkey and seasoned with a mix of spices. It is then traditionally smoked on beech wood.

Flavor varieties 
We offer hotdogs in beef, chicken and turkey varieties. All are, of course, fully halal and produced in compliance with Islamic food laws. Each variant has its own signature flavor. It is also possible to create a customized product.

A bun with this hotdog is a tasty snack to eat as a meantime. But in Turkish cuisine, the hotdog is also often eaten during breakfast and lunch. Our hotdogs can be eaten both cold and hot. 

Weight and packaging
The hot dogs are available in various weight units. They are vacuum or bowl packed.


Several varieties

Below you can see a selection of our quality halal meats.

Garlic sausage


Luncheon meat sausage

Premium vleeswaren.

Premium deli meats

Sliced meats

Sous-vide cooked products