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From Roermond for the whole world - working at Simons Halal Food

With customers all over Europe, the Balkans, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Simons Halal Food is one of the most renowned producers of halal meat products in Europe and beyond. The most important asset of any successful company is its employees. Simons Halal Food already has more than 250 motivated employees who all contribute to the success of the company and its products.

Well-being leads to loyalty

The well-being of all its employees is therefore a top priority for Simons Halal Food. This is particularly evident in the fact that careers lasting 10 or 25 years (or more!) are no exception within the company. 

Employees often have a diverse cultural background. Mutual respect for each other's culture and open communication are essential to make sure everyone gets the job done and there is a working atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease.

“I think it is important as a Muslim woman to be able to contribute to a halal concept such as Simons. I find that respectful to my faith.”

Every successful company with international ambitions faces challenges when expanding its business. Simons is no exception. Employees are actively involved in various changes and feel heard. They are kept informed about the motivations behind certain decisions. This results in greater mutual understanding.

Listen and be heard

Employees feel taken seriously and listened to. They enjoy going to work every day, as it is perceived as diverse and pleasant. At Simons, no talent is left unused. Employees who speak Arabic are asked to assist with translations or contact with Arabic customers. Variety and clarity during work are of great importance. Tasks are clearly defined and delineated. To promote diversity and flexibility, employees are sometimes scheduled to work in other departments. This increases knowledge about the entire production chain, fosters mutual understanding and creates the flexibility to step in when the need arises.

“We don't work individually in "silos". There is also a lot of communication between colleagues on the production floor and office staff. It's 'us,' not 'us versus them.'”

Despite the fact that there are now more than 250 employees at Simons Halal Food, it remains a genuine and close-knit family business. That's how everyone experiences it. You can always turn to your colleagues or supervisors with questions and comments, and if there are personal matters at hand, there is always a listening ear. .

Employees take pride in their work and their employer. This pride translates into a two-way loyalty. The management provides training and courses for employees who are interested, and in turn, they can progress to other positions within the company. As a result, a large group of staff has been employed for more than ten years and has held various roles. Many foreign workers are grateful for the opportunities they have received. With a good job as a foundation, they have been able to build a life in the Netherlands. The collegial work atmosphere often eliminates language barriers and actually promotes communication.

“I learn other languages myself by interacting with colleagues from other backgrounds.”


Mind and matter are one. Body and mind come together in harmony. As an employer, Simons Halal Food respects this. Employees who feel the need for it are offered a coaching program. Active assistance is provided to those who want to quit smoking. Fresh fruit is offered six days a week, and colleagues can take advantage of the company's fitness plan. In the past, they even had a food truck come to celebrate achieving good sales!

The company makes extra investments to respect the Islamic culture. The floor in the production hall is also halal-certified. A special halal adhesive was chosen for the granite floor in the production hall, at a significant additional cost.

Working at Simons Halal Food is experienced as very positive: diverse yet involved, independent yet part of a team, culturally diverse but also one family. There are always vacancies at Simons Halal Food and we invite you to see if there is one that matches your personal ambitions.

“Simons offers security for the future to its employees. The food industry will remain booming for the time being and the outlook is good. Doing your job well will certainly be rewarded.”

This text draws extensively from an employee satisfaction survey from early 2023.