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The latest addition to our production department

They say that having the right equipment makes the job a lot easier. In a previous blog, we emphasized the importance of quality machinery for producing high-quality halal meat products. In the dynamic world of food production, it is essential to invest in advanced technologies that not only optimize quality but also improve the efficiency of the entire process.

We would like to share more about the newest addition to our production department: The Konti-Kutter KK 144 C from the German company Seydelmann.

About the Seydelmann Konti-Kutter

The Seydelmann Konti-Kutters are emulsifying machines with a technology that is unique in the world. Unlike conventional perforated plate/knife systems, the pre-mixed product to be emulsified is aspirated by a system of vertically successive perforated plates and cutting plates. These rotate without contact with each other at a minimal distance. Friction of metal on metal is completely avoided, eliminating contamination of the emulsified product, and significantly reducing plate wear. The Konti-Kutter is the only machine capable of producing fine emulsion with coarser particles in a single operation. In addition to the well-known vertical, non-contact perforated plate/knife system, the Seydelmann Vacuum Konti-Kutter offers the advantages of reduction under vacuum. The introduction of atmospheric oxygen into our halal meat products is minimized, reducing the risk of contamination, increasing shelf life, and maintaining product color stability.

Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG from Stuttgart has been a family-owned business for six generations with a rich tradition of manufacturing high-quality machinery for the food processing industry. The solid craftsmanship of Seydelmann's machines has consistently translated into a flawless production process and delicious meat products over the years. Seydelmann specializes in emulsifying meat into base dough.

Reliability and trust

If success is a matter of choice, then choosing the right partner is essential for said success. We have been collaborating with the Selo company from Oldenzaal for years, the long-standing agent in the Benelux for Seydelmann. With our account manager, Mr. Willy Baalhuis, we have a strong relationship where he perfectly understands our needs and translates these needs into suitable solutions.

All cutters at Simons Halal Food come from Seydelmann, delivered through Selo. They provide 24/7 service and good quality, resulting in a long-term relationship based on both machine reliability and mutual trust between us and both Selo and Seydelmann.

The right machine in the right place

The Konti-Kutter is installed to replace an older machine. After years of loyal service, we saw the need to replace outdated basic technology with the latest available on the market. We can now emulsify faster and better, resulting in more and better quality halal meat products. The improved emulsification technology will not only lead to higher output but also lower costs.

The Konti-Kutter feeds various filling lines, playing an essential role in our production process. The machine was modified by Seydelmann in several aspects to meet our requirements. To ensure the machine remains in top condition, we opted for a maintenance contract. This involves regular preventive maintenance by professionals from the supplier, allowing any issues to be quickly resolved, and the machine can continue running continuously.

By investing in advanced equipment and relying on reliable partners like Seydelmann and Selo, we continue to stay ahead in the competitive food production industry. After the purchase of the hot dog production lines earlier this summer and the Konti-Kutter now, we continue to innovate and ensure the quality of our halal meat products.